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18 years in the making

Sigmoid Personal Development is the result of 18 years of scientific research, experiential learning and global benchmarking in the field of neuroscience and human performance.

We believe that educational conditioning has contributed to an inability for us to access our true potential. The need to thrive in an intellectual learning environment creates an over burden of the left brain dominant principles  conditioned to analyse the past for answers to our future. The resultant culture often serves to stifle and obscure our latent potential.

Business Research

Through a combination of educational awareness, cognitive techniques, kinesiology methods and the introduction of whole brain thinking, Sigmoid is able with humour and passion to help you re-engage at a deeper subconscious level with your latent inner capability allowing us to become the best version of ourselves.

Tree Planting

Our Philosophy

Healthy trees very seldom occur by accident

At Sigmoid, we like to think of personal development as a 'personal ecosystem', a little bit like growing a tree.

Take an apple for example, think about  the three key elements of a healthy tree...

1. Strong roots that allow the tree to draw nutrients from its surroundings, which helps establish a healthy and solid base for the tree to grow roots.

2. The trunk which provides a solid structure and the necessary strength and stability so that our little apple tree can grow and develop.

3. The fruits at the top of the tree which are made possible by all of the groundwork and constant nurture that has been put into the tree.

If you think about the analogy now in a human sense, we can compare the roots to our attitudes, values and beliefs. Things that truly shape us as a person and define us at our core, our upbringings, our habits and our daily routine which shape our life roots.... our WHY question.

Then think of our "trunk" as the plan that we have for our life, HOW do we want our life to look and how do we set about making it look that way. How do we use each day productively to get a little bit closer to our goals?

Lastly, our fruits... WHAT do we want to achieve? Our goals and aspirations , the fruits of our labour and the rewards that we can reap from our hard work. What is that we want to get from  our life?

Image by Johann Siemens

The Best Time to Plant a Tree is 25 years ago

The Next Best Time is Now


The Fundamentals




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Consider this the first step on your journey. It's about becoming more aware of what's going on in your head and how this is having an effect on your thoughts, words, actions and outcomes. The tools you'll be introduced to are designed to prompt you to consider your mood and your thoughts more carefully. This will facilitate increased balance in your thinking and therefore improve the quality of your decisions and outcomes.







Train the Trainer with Sigmoid Training

Our ethos is to empower the many and not the few. Whether you want to enrol yourself or have identified individuals within your organisation our 'Train the Trainer' can give you the tools to build a bridge to the future you want to create.

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Testimonials Highlights

"To improve my mental wellbeing that has to be the most effective hour I have spent."

“...the experience has been life changing".

"A number of easy actions that myself and our team can take away and apply in our work or at home."

" much great info in such a short space of time."

"Uncanny knack of cutting straight to the heart of the issues holding you back either personally or professionally."


Our Blog

Good guidance and shared experiences

Sigmoid has been a successful business consultancy group for over 15 years focusing on the people element of business and how improving this can improve the business as a whole. One thing led to another and it became apparent that actually our philosophy can help people out with the business too. So, we decided to set up something a little more personal… Sigmoid Personal Development.

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Throughout this pandemic there has been so much light shed on Personal Development and Mental Wellbeing that this seemed like the perfect time. Our job is to help you understand Mental Fitness (and the science behind it). Instead of just telling you to drink some water and do some “self care” we’ll help you understand exactly why little things like this make us feel better.


There’s method in this madness, trust us!


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